Rizzle AI Video: What's New

What's new in Rizzle

1 May 2024

Custom Thumbnails Release

Introducing our latest game-changer: Custom thumbnails! Upload any video and get multiple eye-catching thumbnails with relevant text, boosting your video engagement and click-through rates.

29 April 2024

UI Enhancements for Podcast to Video

We've improved the podcast transcript section and regeneration screen, streamlining your workflow and making the experience smoother.

Text Graphic Overlays

Add visual flair to your podcasts by introducing text graphic overlays.

24 April 2024

Billing Update

We've revamped our billing system! We've transitioned from a minute-based system to tokens, offering greater flexibility and allowing you to use them across various Rizzle platforms.

22 April 2024

Teasers, Highlights, and Clips

Exciting news! We've launched teasers, highlights, and clips for our podcast-to-video feature. Users can create multiple teasers, clips, and highlights from their audio/video files.

15 April 2024

Podcast to Video Release

Introducing our podcast-to-video tool! With it, you can transform your captivating audio into engaging video content and reach a wider audience.

8 April 2024

Original Stock and Audio Options

Users can now incorporate their original stock and retain the original audio when generating videos.

1 April 2024

Text to Maps Release

Create stunning map videos in various styles with just a few simple prompts! This revolutionary new feature opens up a world of possibilities for your content.

25 March 2024

Library Screen UI Update

We've revamped the user interface for your Rizzle library, making it easier to navigate and manage your projects.

18 March 2024

Cover Images for Text-to-Video

We're thrilled to introduce cover images for your text-to-video creations! Your shared videos will automatically include a stunning cover image, making them even more eye-catching.

7 March 2024

Custom Voices

Clone your voice with only a few minutes of audio. Create a voice that sounds just like you and use it to generate speech.

12 February 2024

Various Media Types

We’re excited to announce that our system now has various media types to enrich your video creation. We have included:

Maps that provide geographic context and locations which are ideal for travel videos and documentaries.

Text graphics that enhance visual appeal and convey information effectively through dynamic overlays.

9 February 2024

Multi-Language Subtitle

Our system now supports multi-language subtitles.

7 February 2024

Fine- Tune Your Narration

You now have the ability to adjust the voiceovers and preview them segment-wise.

Now, you can customize the pronunciation of the voiceovers to suit your preferences.

5 February 2024

Auto language support

You can now create videos in any language, as we support a wide range of languages.

1 February 2024

Enhanced the design of the music selection process, making it more simpler for users.

15 January 2024

We have introduced support for the 'Build-upon' use case in regular videos.

Multiple Version Download

Users can now download multiple versions of the video.

Segment-wise Voice Over

The platform now supports segment-wise voiceover, allowing users to use different voices at different points in their videos.

We have added examples to help new users create videos using the script.

Public link share

We have enabled support for sharing public links, allowing anyone without a Rizzle login to view shared videos.

2 January 2024

Search Logic

Improved search logic and introduced filters to simplify media search.

Implemented search terms to help users understand how the system selects media.

Share videos on TikTok

You can now share your videos directly on TikTok with a single click.

Auto Save functionality

The System now automatically saves your work. Any changes you make won't disappear unless you regenerate or discard them.

Updated UI

On the Regeneration Screen, we now display the duration of the video based on the edits you have made to the segments.

15 December 2023

Enhanced User Experience:

We have revamped the design for selecting media, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Enhanced the sharing experience to your socials.

In the ‘Listicle output style,’ you can now add and delete new scenes and fragments.

Script review

With this feature, you can review the script before generating the video.

1 December 2023

Adding and Deleting Scenes

We have introduced a feature where you can add new scenes and fragments to your videos and delete them as needed to enhance your video content creation process.

Video Comments

The system allows you to collaborate with your team by commenting directly on the videos you create, streamlining the review process.

Bookmark your Templates

You can now mark your favorite templates. This feature allows you to access your preferred templates easily.

15 November 2023

Language support

We have also extended our language support. Now, you can create videos in Spanish and Portuguese as well. Stay tuned for more!

Trim media

With the new update, you can now select and trim the desired scene from a video to further enhance your video content.

Premium stock library

Rizzle’s premium stock library is now optimized for sports category videos.

UI changes

UI design improved for a better user experience.

Share videos on YouTube

You can now share your videos directly on YouTube with a single click.

1 November 2023


The system is now equipped with new versions of templates to give an even more enhanced user experience

You can now preview and select a template of your choice from our various categories before generating the video.

Listicle video format

We're thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to your experience – the all-new Listicle Video Format

It's a captivating blend of video content in listicle format, offering a unique and engaging way to share information, ideas, and stories. Whether you're a creator or an influencer or just love expressing yourself through video, this format is bound to spark your creativity.

Add logo

Now you can add your brand logo to your videos to keep them more personalized.

Add outro

Make your videos more engaging and personalized now by adding outros to your videos.

Give credits

You can now add credits to your media when you upload them.

10 October 2023

Improvements and bugs fixes

Long text support, you can now create videos with longer text, up to 16,200 words in a single video

Resolved and fixed some bugs and media cropping issues.

21 September 2023

Text improvements

The sentences are now highlighted while you are editing them in the video segments

Select media based on your preferences. Now you can particularly choose your source of media

Improved notification email once the video is generated

Squashed some bugs and overall improvements for a smooth user experience.

11 September 2023

Media improvements

We have now solved the media relevance issue, ensuring your videos get more relevant media.

Experience enhanced visual perfection effortlessly with our latest update for refined images and videos.

24 August 2023

Smarter content creation

We’ve optimized the system to give you the best possible output based on text input length you give.

We made a few system changes that’ll give output with enhanced media relevance.

Creative enhancements

The system is now equipped with 15 segment templates to give an enhanced user experience.

Visible improvements in output when creative text input is given.

Community interaction

Now, you can upload media to share with the community.

03 August 2023

Premium stock music integration

You can now select music from our premium licensed stock music providers - Storyblocks and Soundstripe.

Upload media and audio

Rizzle now empowers you with the option to upload your images, videos, or music.

New templates

Our new compelling templates will enhance your video creation experience.

Improvements and bug fixes

We have now solved the media repetition issue, ensuring your videos don't have duplicate content

We have improved the positioning of faces in videos to ensure they are centred.

18 July 2023

Rizzle launches its all-new Podcast video platform, opening up a whole world of monetization opportunities for all Podcast creators.

All you have to do is add your podcast audio file or link, click on Generate and let Rizzle do the magic. A highly engaging video output will be served to you.

04 July 2023

Rizzle launches its groundbreaking no edit video creation platform.


Using Rizzle’s No Edit Video Creation platform, you can create high-quality, engaging videos from text, URLs, prompts, blogs, and tweets.


Though the output of the system-generated video is highly engaging, changes like Text edits and Media replacement can be made.

Premium stock library

Rizzle’s premium stock library is powered by Getty Images.

Rizzle’s multimedia support allows you to mix and match images and videos.


Once the videos are finalized, you can download them to your device.