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Create compelling videos with the help of AI and share them anywhere


Increase in user engagement to boost growth

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creators on Rizzle

500+ million

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Decrease in production time


Decrease in cost per finished minute

AI-based one-touch video creation

Create stunning AI powered videos from simple text inputs (text, links, files and more) in seconds.

Text to video

Shift to video-first with Rizzle

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With our text-to-video tool, you can easily create engaging videos in minutes without any video editing skills. Simply input your text, choose a template, and let our tool do the rest.

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Once you've created your video, easily distribute it across all your social media channels and feeds to reach a wider audience. Our tool allows you to share your video with just a few clicks.

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Get detailed analytics on your video's performance, including views, engagement, and click-through rates. With our built-in analytics, you can measure the impact of your videos and adjust your strategy accordingly.


All your business video needs covered