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AI-based one-touch video creation

Choose from thousands of templates to create videos for your website, e-commerce products, social media, ads, and more!


Shift to video-first with Rizzle

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Create content

With AI-based automation and thousands of video templates, create video content easily. Or, simply convert your existing media into engaging videos with Rizzle’s bulk video creation technology. No editing experience is needed. Anyone can do it!

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Add a video feed

Add a video feed to your website or app and manage it easily. From shoppable videos for e-commerce to video stories for your text articles, insert a video feed to increase engagement and conversions. Measure your growth with Rizzle analytics!

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Work with creators

Source great videos from great video creators from around the world. With millions of creators on the platform, Rizzle is home to great talent! Choose a template, apply branding, and review videos easily for all your creative needs!

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All your business video needs covered