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Upload your video

Local storage or the cloud

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Design an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail that boosts viewership

Let Rizzle help you create thumbnails that rival those of your favourite YouTubers. We have analysed thousands of thumbnails on YouTube to understand which ones perform the best. Our advanced thumbnail designs make sure that certain hotspot areas include the right elements to grab eyeballs. It is also paramount to retain consistency on thumbnail design for all the videos on your channel which Rizzle will do while still making each video feel unique.

We believe in creating a thumbnail strategy for your entire channel by creating thumbnails with consistent template design and viral action shots. Transform your YouTube thumbnail landscape with Rizzle.

Features with custom thumbnail

Premium stock media

Premium stock media

AI speaker detection

AI speaker detection

AI dynamic layouts

AI dynamic layouts

1000s of templates

1000s of templates

Professionally designed YouTube templates

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