Introducing Rizzle: The Ultimate No Edit Text-to-Video Tool

In the last decade, video creations have occupied the forefront of how we consume content. From breaking news to educational materials to public policies, entertainment, and more, video plays a central role in our lives. Video content creations hold public attention and are easily shared.
With 244.4 million people watching digital videos in the US in 2020, the demand for online video content is at an all-time high, with 91% of consumers craving more from brands.
Despite the demand for video content peaking in nearly all sectors, the process of video creation still requires specialized editing skills and expensive video editing software. This has made it difficult to create videos at scale that are of high quality.
In a year when ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, why should creating videos still be a struggle?
Enter Rizzle, a game-changing video creation platform that eliminates the need for editing expertise. With Rizzle, you can effortlessly craft attention-grabbing videos in minutes while retaining full creative control!
While template-based video creation has made editing effortless, it still needs manual inputs. Say goodbye to manual edits – From text incorporation to media selection, video layouts, animations, transitions, and more, Rizzle uses advanced technology to automate everything in one go!

Who is it for? - Who can benefit from Rizzle?

• Businesses of all sizes
Whether you run a small startup or a large corporation, Rizzle offers subscription plans to suit your video production needs. Create promotional videos, product explainers, marketing content, ads, and listicles that seamlessly integrate into your website, showcasing your products and boosting engagement and sales.
• Content Creators
Rizzle's rapid video creation ensures content creators never miss trending topics or marketing opportunities on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.
• Freelancers
Rizzle helps optimize video creation for freelancers. The time taken to create videos is reduced from days to minutes, allowing them to engage with multiple clients simultaneously. Rizzle also offers a premium getty images stock.
• Podcasters
Podcasters can turn their audio files into videos without the need for time-intensive video editing. Rizzle turns audio files and transcripts into videos so podcasters can utilize another stream of earnings with existing content.

Product Key Features

1. Convert Text to Video
You can convert text inputs such as prompts, blogs, and tweets or directly provide a URL. Rizzle converts the text input into a video in minutes, with background audio or voiceovers, animation, text elements, and media. How to use the text to video maker? To use the text-to-video maker, start by adding your text or providing an article link. Customize your video by selecting preferences for duration, aspect ratio, media content, audio, resolution, and text label. You can add voiceovers or background music for the audio. Once you've selected it, click 'Generate' to initiate the process, and our system will process your request. After the video is generated, you can enhance visual elements using the regenerate feature and add your preferred music. Additionally, you can opt to receive email notifications informing you when your video is ready for use.
2. Convert Audio to Video
You can also convert your podcast audio files to videos by pasting a downloadable link or dragging and dropping the audio file. Ensure the file format is mp3, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), or OGG (Vorbis Compressed Audio File).
3. Extensive Customization Options
Rizzle lets you set the stage so you can generate the perfect video to meet your specific needs: Set the video duration according to your preference, and Rizzle adapts the content. You can adjust the duration, and the built-in text-summarization/expansion capabilities will create a video using either a summary, the original text, or an expanded version of your input. You can also individually edit text, media, and metadata for precise control during the regeneration flow.
4. Add Background Music and Voiceovers
Enhance your Rizzle-generated videos with background music or voiceovers. You can choose automatic voiceovers from in-built voice and accent options that convert text to speech or pick trending audio from a copyright-compliant stock library.
5. Popular Aspect Ratios
Rizzle lets you create videos in both 9:16 and 16:9 aspect ratio formats. They suit different platform needs, so you don’t miss out.
6. Diverse Media Options
Access over 500 million+ royalty-free stock images, videos, and audio in Rizzle's media library, or upload your own to customize the videos. Once the video is generated, you can change the media in the regeneration flow.
7. High-Resolution Viewing
Rizzle allows you to generate high-definition videos, increasing quality as you climb up the subscription tiers. Experience your videos up to 4K resolution for an optimal viewing experience.
8. Copyright Handling
Rizzle ensures copyright compliance by integrating with stock media providers through APIs and verifying media copyrights.
9. Free Trial
Experience Rizzle's text-to-video generator with a free trial, allowing you to generate videos up to 10 minutes in length.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

At Rizzle, we understand the impact video can have on your audience, and here we are to make your journey of video creation both seamless and cost-effective.
Discover a world of possibilities with Rizzle’s range of pricing and subscription plans, particularly designed to cater to a diverse audience of creators, from curious beginners to seasoned professionals looking to scale their creative ideas. Choose from our pricing plans and find the one that perfectly fits your aspirations.
• Grow ($300)

Designed for those looking to create videos in bulk, the Grow Plan is a powerhouse of creative tools. The Grow Plan, available at a monthly subscription of $300, is designed to meet the needs of users with substantial video production requirements. Enjoy up to 60 finished video minutes each month, making it an ideal choice for high-volume content production. With unlimited access to both free and premium video templates, your creative toolbox is vast and versatile. 

Craft your narratives with a library of 1000+ fonts, ensuring your text elements are as unique as your vision. Dive into a world of 100 million premium stock media items, adding depth and richness to your content. Experience crystal-clear visuals with video quality up to 2K, and let your creativity shine with unlimited custom voiceovers. Scale up your content production and stay organized with custom media library integration for efficient asset management with the Grow plan.

• Enterprise

Tailored to meet the unique needs of enterprises, the Scale Plan offers custom pricing to align with your budget and requirements. Achieve complete customization with branding options that ensure your videos seamlessly represent your corporate identity. Streamline and automate your content creation with API integrations for bulk video production, saving valuable time and resources. Witness the pinnacle of visual excellence with video quality up to 4K, ensuring your content stands out in the professional arena. Enjoy flexibility in the number of finished video minutes to accommodate your team's dynamic needs and facilitate collaboration with unlimited video versions. 

The Scale Plan is mainly designed for larger teams with good-sized video production requirements, making it a tremendous preference for companies searching for comprehensive video solutions at scale. The pricing tiers - Free, Pro, Grow, and Scale - cater to different user needs, from casual creators to large-scale organizations. Each tier introduces increased features, customization options, and collaborative capabilities. Users can choose the plan that aligns with their video creation requirements and budget. Join the vibrant Rizzle community today and go on a journey where creativity knows no bounds. Create captivating videos, save time, and make your budget work harder for you. Let's make video creation effortless and exhilarating!

Why Rizzle?

• Save Time
Traditional video creation requires a time-consuming editing process. This often requires a minimum of 2 days to produce even the most basic video. Rizzle flips this narrative by empowering users to make videos in just 10 to 20 minutes, regeneration included. This approach allows creators to save time so they can apply their resources to innovate or scale businesses.
• Wallet - Friendly Magic
Creating video content can be costly. It typically costs around $350-$400 to edit a three-minute video. This cost includes basic graphics, image, and audio improvements. This would typically take 1.5 days to complete. Rizzle offers affordable prices, starting from $1 to $5 per minute, depending on the pricing tier chosen. Video production costs are reduced by up to 99%, making it affordable for everyone and helping creators use resources more strategically.
• Stock Assets
The availability and cost of stock assets can often limit the quality and creativity of video projects. Rizzle emerges as the complete solution for creators, offering an expansive Editorial library comprising a staggering 500 million assets. Unlike traditional pricing models that demand payment for video clips, images, and music tracks, Rizzle provides free access to an array that dwarfs competitors. This resource helps enhance projects without straining budgets. Rizzle also provides access to a content marketplace wherein media uploaded by individual users is made available to all users with the necessary permission.
• Visibility and Opportunity

Visibility challenges, especially for new designers, can hinder access to projects and opportunities. Rizzle introduces an indirect solution by efficiently addressing creation time and production costs. By reducing these factors significantly, Rizzle empowers creators to redirect their energy and newfound time toward securing more projects. This strategic shift allows creators to focus on what truly matters—nurturing their craft and attracting a steady stream of gigs. Rizzle is the best AI video generator for anyone who wants to create videos. Its ability to expedite the creation process, offer cost savings, provide access to a vast library of free stock assets, and indirectly enhance visibility transforms video creation into an accessible journey. With Rizzle, the barriers to entry are removed, and the creative playing field is leveled, ensuring that anyone with a vision can translate it into captivating video content.

Grow your audience while saving time with Rizzle Text-to-video AI. Sign up today and start creating professional videos in minutes!

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