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How can I convert text to video?

1. Start by typing or pasting text.
2. Choose from various preferences such as duration, aspect ratio, template, media, audio, output resolution, and text label.
3. Click on 'Generate'. Our system will then start processing your request.
4. You can edit the text, media, music, and voiceover with the regenerate option.
5. You can also opt for an email notification once your video is ready.

Does Rizzle provide customization options for video creation?        

Yes, Rizzle offers extensive customization options. You can edit individual components of your videos, including text, media, metadata, and the cover image as well. 

Can I add background music or voiceovers to the videos created with Rizzle?    

Yes, Rizzle supports uploading your background music or voiceovers. You can also choose from a list of music and voiceovers provided in the system. 

What are the different aspect ratio videos I can create using Rizzle?        

Rizzle currently generates videos in both 9:16 and 16:9 formats. 

Can I edit the Rizzle generated videos?        

You can regenerate the video by changing or uploading individual media components, replacing the background music, selecting or replacing the cover image, and editing text or other metadata.  

Can I choose the stock media used in my video?    

Yes, you can search for and choose images and videos from Rizzle's library of premium stock media from Getty and Storyblocks. You can also upload stock media from your own media library. 

What is the resolution for the videos created on Rizzle?        

Rizzle offers options up to 4K resolution for the best viewing experience. Please check our plans for more information.

Can I highlight the text in the generated video? 

Yes, you can highlight it by word or phrase only if you have selected the voiceover option. 

Does Rizzle support voiceover in the videos?

You can select from the list of available voiceovers in the audio options or you can also upload your own. 

Does Rizzle offer royalty-free stock images, videos, and music?        

Rizzle offers 500M+ royalty-free stock media from GettyImages and Storyblocks and 30K+ royalty-free music from Soundstripe and all included based on your plan. 

Do I have to pay any additional fee or royalties to use the visuals or music provided in your templates?        

No, you do not have to pay any additional fee for royalties. The cost of using the visuals and music provided in our templates is included in your plan. 

To learn more about the benefits of each plan, please visit our pricing page.

How does Rizzle handle copyright issues with images and text used in videos?        

Rizzle integrates with various stock media providers through APIs. It also incorporates customers' or any other media only after verifying copyrights. In addition, we may use generative AI for some of the media used in video creation.

Does anyone moderate videos created on Rizzle?

No, Rizzle does not perform moderation for videos created on the platform.

Does Rizzle offer a free trial?         

Yes, Rizzle offers a free trial that allows you to generate videos up to 3 minutes

Are there any subscription plans or pricing options for Rizzle?

Yes, we offer a paid subscription starting at $30. We offer various pricing plans. Click here to know more.

How many videos can I create per month using Rizzle?        

With the free version of Rizzle, you can generate up to 3 minutes of content. Rizzle offers customizable pricing plans to meet the requirements of each individual or enterprise.

Is Rizzle available for desktop and mobile?        

Currently, Rizzle is available only for desktop use. We are constantly working on improving and expanding our services, so stay tuned for any updates regarding mobile availability.

Can I use Rizzle to create videos for commercial purposes?        

Yes, Rizzle can be used to create commercial videos. Please share your requirements here if you have a specific use case. We will get in touch with you. 

Can I use Rizzle-generated videos for social media marketing purposes?        

Absolutely! Rizzle is designed to generate videos ideal for various social media platforms. 

Will I have the copyright to the generated content?        

Yes. You own the copyright to all the videos generated.

Can multiple team members work on the same project together?

You can avail of this feature as part of the Grow & Enterprise plans. To learn more about them, please visit our pricing page.

Can I change the email that I signed up with?    

Currently, you cannot change your email ID. We are constantly working on improving and expanding our services on the basis of customer feedback, so stay tuned for any updates.

What kind of customer support can I get?      

Rizzle has a dedicated support team. You can reach out to us at support@rizzle.com.

Does Rizzle have an Affiliate Program?       

Currently, Rizzle does not have an affiliate program available.

Can I cancel my subscription?        

If you decide to cancel, you can do so at any time. Your current subscription plan will remain active, and you can enjoy its benefits until the end of your current billing period. After that, your plan won't be renewed.

Can I change the fonts in my videos?

Yes, you can change the fonts and also upload your fonts. To change the fonts, go to Settings---> Brands---> Fonts. 

Once you have selected the fonts, please tap on "Save" at the top right corner of the screen. 

Note: You can change the font only when subscribed to the enterprise plan.  

Will the videos have a Rizzle watermark?

Videos generated using the free version of Rizzle will have a watermark. However, videos created with the paid version will not contain the Rizzle watermark.

How much time will it take to integrate Rizzle services?

The one-time integration takes two weeks.

Can I keep my brand tone/colour palette constant in the templates?

We collaborate closely with brands to understand their specific needs and preferences. We can adjust the templates to maintain a consistent brand tone and colour palette. If required, we can also create specific templates tailored to your brand.

What type of videos can I create using Rizzle AI?

Rizzle's text-to-video AI can create various videos, including marketing and promotional videos, social media content, educational and instructional videos, explainer videos, product demos, and more.

How long does it take to convert URLs/text into videos using Rizzle?

On average, generating an interactive video for a 1-minute duration takes about 2-3 minutes, depending on the resolution and other factors.

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