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Spending too much time on Canva?

Creating thumbnails on Canva can be difficult when searching for the perfect action shots or copyright-compliant stock media. Rizzle got you covered:

Automated thumbnail generation

SEO-optimized keywords

Get multiple output variations in a minute

Copyright compliant & Editorial stock media from Getty Images

Create thumbnails automatically only on Rizzle


Automated AI thumbnail generation

Get thumbnails in a minute

Copyright compliant stock media from Getty

Editorial stock media from Getty Images

Numerous templates to choose from

SEO optimized keywords

Get multiple outputs at once

No Editing Skills Required


Auto extract your guest's action shots

Auto extract your action shots

The final verdict: Rizzle vs Canva

Choosing between Canva and Rizzle depends on your specific needs and how you plan to create your thumbnails. Here's why we believe Rizzle is the best Canva alternative.

In Canva, you have many customization options, such as Fonts, Background removal, Image placement/size, Background colours, and CTA box placements.

In addition, selecting action shots, finding the right keywords, sourcing copyright-compliant media (if necessary), and others will take considerable time and effort. However, if you are looking for a thumbnail generator that saves time and reduces your manual efforts, you should try Rizzle.

Rizzle's automated AI-assisted process simplifies your workflow and saves you time by removing a lot of manual steps. It streamlines the entire process by providing automated thumbnail generation, speedy delivery, and access to Getty Images, ensuring compliance with copyright laws.

Additionally, it offers a variety of editorial stock, a wide range of templates, SEO optimization, and the ability to get multiple outputs simultaneously. With its user-friendly interface, no editing skills are required, making Rizzle the perfect choice for hassle-free and professional thumbnail creation.

Professionally designed YouTube templates

Frequently asked questions

Is Rizzle better than Canva?

Choosing between Canva and Rizzle depends on your needs. Canva offers customization options but demands time for tasks like sourcing media. 
Rizzle's AI simplifies thumbnail creation with automated generation, Getty Images access, templates, and SEO keywords, perfect for effortless, professional thumbnails without editing skills. 

How to make thumbnails for YouTube?

Here are 5 simple steps to make thumbnails using Rizzle:
1. Start by uploading your HD video to Rizzle.
2. Rizzle auto-selects the template, or you can choose from the available templates for your video.
3. Click on 'Create'. Our system will then generate multiple output variants for you.
4. Using the regenerate option, You can edit the text and replace the image with Getty stock media.
5. Now, you can download the thumbnail and add it to your YouTube video.

Can AI make thumbnails?

Yes, Rizzle uses cutting-edge AI to create thumbnails in minutes, utilizing SEO-friendly titles and high-quality Getty stock to enhance your channel's visibility.

Which platform is faster for creating thumbnails?

Rizzle's AI-powered generation significantly speeds up the process compared to manually creating thumbnails in Canva.

What size is a YouTube thumbnail?

YouTube thumbnails are ideally 1280x720 pixels with a 16:9 ratio. Rizzle automatically creates thumbnails that are of perfect size for YouTube.

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